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​The Jockster is a brand we can all get behind. Everybody knows that market share is difficult to acquire for new, small scale companies. Especially, when competing with the lacrosse juggernauts like WARRIOR, STX, BRINE, MAVERIK, & POWELL! However, we all have the power to support companies like isplack, Twin Lacrosse, Bottle Bro, Lumber Lax, Signature Lacrosse, Lax Rax Online, Rock It Pocket, Head Wrapz, Sneaky Strings, & The Jockster!! This article is focused on one Product/Brand in particular, The Jockster!

You may be asking yourself what is Jockster? Designed to replace the compression shorts and the jockstrap to give you unparalleled support and comfort. Jockster is the ultimate jock support for youth and adult athletes in MLL, NLL, UFC, MMA, NHL, MLB & NFL.

Supportive without being constrictive. Secure pocket for protective cup (if needed). Will not slip around. Cool, comfortable fit. Will not ride up, bunch or shift. Support straps operate independent of outer shell. No twisting or chaffing.  Lifts you closer to the body and out of the way. Breathable material that keeps you cool while wicking away moisture. 90% polyester, 10% spandex. 100% cotton pouch.

Jonny Vegas' Review of The Jockster


Untouched for decades, the jock strap remains an outdated relic of the past. Newer products such as compression shorts are uncomfortable and restrictive. The Jockster gives men a revolutionary new option. The Jockster is one piece, one waistband. It has the functional components to stay put and provide exceptional support during exercise, competition or everyday use.

No more bunching, twisting, pinching, or uncomfortable straps riding up.

No more tightness in all the wrong places. No more stopping to adjust. And, with the ability to accommodate a cup when desired provides an unprecedented level of support and protection.