About the Sin City Box Classic(SCBC)

     In the SCBC Tourney Director, Nick Peterson's own words:

It was the Summer of 2013 when the indoor lacrosse league that I always played in, just up and left. Notice, I use the term "indoor lacrosse" since we played with 4x4'9 goals, but the goalies played in field gear. After the fallout, I took it upon myself to reintroduce the box game, the right way. After digging a several thousand dollar hole into my own pockets buying 4 sets of goalie equipment to start, I founded Battle Born Box Lacrosse. After our 10 week summer league and midway through our winter league, I got a call from my friends in the San Francisco Bay Area. Mikeal and Jim Blocho (organizers of Cali Bucc's LC) coordinated the league up there and they mentioned a few of their players were coming to Vegas to watch a Rugby game. "How about we bring some extra guys with us to play the best of our box league verse the best of yours?" Mikeal inquired. I responded with, "I'll do you one better, lets make this thing a tournament."

    Accepting the challenge, I knew my local guys were nowhere near ready; but they needed to play more experienced box players to understand the importance of the 2 man game. In 3 weeks notice, of course the event only included the Cali Bucc's verse my club, Sin City LC. We played each other about 4 full games, and as expected they tuned us up every time. As a token of my appreciation, I took the boys from Cali out for a VIP party experience with bottle service at a top nightclub here in Vegas. The kind of stuff that tourists pay thousands for, but I'm fortunate to have good friends around my hometown.

     The following summer league, my local guys were that much better. Fast forward to the 2nd annual Sin City Box Classic, I was only able to add 1 more team to the tournament, but we had players from the NE coast and from a few different provinces of Canada thrown among the 3 teams.The Cali Bucc's had won it again, but it wasn't as easy this year with a 14-11 win over Team Vegas. The competition got better, the after parties got bigger, and the players that made the trip by themselves were impressed enough to head back to their box lax hotbeds and tell their buddies about coming out the following year. Now, here we are at the completion of the third Sin City Box Classic, and a lot has changed. We hosted a total of 6 clubs from all over the US and Canada. Also, changed venues to a facility right next to Las Vegas Blvd with 2 bars on site for guys to stay hydrated in between games. I set up a partnership with a hotel for discounted room rates close to the facility. The parties got even more ridiculous as Friday night we linked up with Sapphire (the worlds largest gentlemen's club). Although Sapphire was hosting the AVN after party there as well that night, they were cool enough to have free party bus/limo pick up and drop off throughout the night. Following Day 2 of games, the brackets were set and it was time to head to Marquee nightclub for comp, no wait, entry and bottle service. We were joined by DJ Vice and a wild crowd to help us celebrate our ever growing event and newly found friends that we'll spend the rest of the year talking with about the next SCBC.

     I've been to my fair share of post collegiate tournaments and all I find myself thinking is, "I could make this better". I don't want my tournament to only be a place to relive the glory days. I want the Sin City Box Classic to be the escape that lacrosse players look forward to every year. To meet back up with old college buddies to play some lax, enjoy some debauchery, and feel like their early 20's can be resurfaced at least 3 days out of the year. I know the event will double the number of teams again next year and I have plenty more planned to make the event that greater of an experience. Only question left is, are you going to be a part of it?

Total Lacrosse ASTROS

 The Total Lacrosse ASTROS will be playing in the Sin City Box Classic(SCBC) for the 2nd year in a row. In January, 2016, Total Lacrosse played in the 3rd annual Sin City Box Classic. Total Lacrosse was rocking some sweet USA themed uniforms made by Wicked 6 Sports. Total Lacrosse Club was launched in July of 2012 by World Renowned lacrosse player, Podcast Host, & Youtuber Jonny Vegas Namer! Every Tournament, Total Lacrosse rocks a completely new theme and uniforms! Here are all of the past themes/uniforms:

Total Lacrosse VEGAS

Total Lacrosse HOLLYWOOD

Total Lacrosse UNIVERSE

Total Lacrosse USA

Total Lacrosse LAXERS

Total Lacrosse ASTROS

     Total Lacrosse finished with a record of 2-2 in the 2016 Sin City Box Classic. We plan on doing much better in the 2017 SCBC! The roster of the Total Lacrosse ASTROS consists of players from USA, CANADA,  and AUSTRAILIA! The GOALIE is Jeffrey Melnik. Jeffrey is a Box lacrosse goalie for the Brooklyn Dodgers LC. Jonny Vegas & Joe Callard will be taking the Face-Offs. Then we have Greg Mitchell, Dana Knutson, Jon Gonzales, Dylan Dewarle, Jace House, Parker Corbett, Dean Callard, Scott Martin, Mark Friedlander, Steve Tomsik, & Brian Bruce. 

Teams playing in 2017 SCBC

Airdrie Mohawks 
Calgary Gunman
Washington Wolves


Cali Bucc's

Vegas LC

Total Lacrosse ASTROS

Sin City LC

Langford Corn Crackers

Tijuana Mamas(Free Agent Team)

More to be announced.........

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