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Total Lacrosse Hall Of Fame Member Spotlight:

Luther Fleming

Class Of 2018

Jonny Vegas(JV) interviewed Luther Fleming(LF)

Luther Fleming is a phenomenal lacrosse player. Luther is a Face-Off Specialist. Luther joined, Total Lacrosse Club in 2015, & played in the 2015 Hawaii Lacrosse Invitational. Luther faced off against Anthony 'A-Train' Kelly, Jerry Ragonese, & Jeremy Thompson in that tournament alone. Luther Fleming possibly set a record for the longest face off battle in the sport of lacrosse against Anthony Kelly! Thankfully there were two photographers capturing the action and they captured the entire sequence of that face off. Luther and Anthony just kept battling for close to if not over a minute! That legendary face off battle will be a memory I'll never forget. Luther made such an impact on the field that he got picked up by Wimmer Solutions Lacrosse Club. Luther has won championships in both the Men's Elite Open, & Masters divisions playing for Wimmer in the Hawaii Lacrosse Invitational! I look forward to playing alongside and sometimes against the Hulk, Luther Fleming! Congrats to a great Lacrosse ambassador on your Total Lacrosse Hall Of Fame induction!

JV: What age did you begin playing lacrosse? What drew you to the sport?

LF: I started playing lacrosse at age 11. The thing that drew me to the sport was the pace. It is fast and non stop. It was different from all the other sports I had played. 

JV: What was your experience like trying out for MLL teams?

LF: I have tried out for the Bayhawks 4 times each time was better then the last. Last year I tried out for the Florida Launch. Florida was an amazing experience very different from the Bayhawks and it was in beautiful Florida!! The coaches were very easy to talk to , gave great feedback and are genuine.

JV: What are some of the Club teams and tournaments you play in and have played in?

LF:  I currently play for Koopers Masters lacrosse in Howard county Maryland. I play in the Lake Placid Lax tournament every year. I’ve played for Buffalo Soldiers, Harpoon, Northmen, and Eco Rentals there. Another big tournament I have done the past 3 years is the Hawaii Lacrosse tournament. There I’ve played for Total Lacrosse, Wimmer, and the Antikis.

JV: How does it feel to be inducted into the Total Lacrosse Hall Of Fame Class Of 2018?

LF: I am honored and thankful to be inducted in the Total Lacrosse Hall Of Fame. Jonny Vegas is crafty in the way he gives back to the sport and I’m happy to be a part of it. Thank you!!