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David Dennenberg stuffing Will Manny!

David Dennenberg stuffing Will Manny!

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      David Dennenberg Is the 1st Inductee into the Total Lacrosse Hall Of Fame! David Dennenberg Is a Leader on and off the field. Dennenberg Is a Business Man, Lacrosse Player, Lacrosse Coach, and a great ambassador for the Sport of Lacrosse! Dennenberg has played Goalie for Total Lacrosse for a few years now. David has a ton of passion for growing the game of lacrosse in the best ways possible. I know firsthand how tough David is. David has kept our team in many games, and that is saying a lot when you look at the intimidating list of Professional lacrosse players that Dennenberg has played against! Some of those players include: ROB PANNELL, JEREMY SIEVERTS, ANTHONY KELLY, MAX SEIBALD, CASEY POWELL, GARY GAIT, MATT GIBSON, STEELE STANWICK, ZACK GREER, MILES THOMPSON, JEREMY THOMPSON, JEROME THOMPSON, LYLE THOMPSON, WES BERG, RANDY, STAATS, JASON NOBLE, JEREMY NOBLE, DILLON WARD, MATT RUSSELL, WILL MANNY, MALCOLM CHASE, JIMMY BORRELL, KYLE HARTZELL,JERRY RAGONESE, TERRY KIMENER, BRETT QUEENER, and many more!!!  It is an honor to induct my friend, teammate, and fellow lacrosse ambassador into the 2016 Total Lacrosse Hall Of Fame! David Dennenberg is a busy man but we might be able to sign him as the Head Coach of "Total Lacrosse'  starting next year, In 2017, at the Hawaii Lacrosse Invitational!

David Dennenberg                                                                                                                                                                                      

     I started playing when I was 6 years old in Maryland.  My first coach was named Mr. Plopper and we were terrible but he was a great coach. I still remember him today so many years later.  I played Lacrosse till I was 17 and then I took a break...  I played attack in middle and high school but never made the varsity team at my school.  I attended St. Paul's High School and finished at Dulaney High School, both were powerhouses in the lacrosse scene in Maryland in the 80's and 90's.

    I started playing goalie my Junior year of College at CU-Boulder.  I made this decision after I recovered from a major skiing injury that left me with a couple back surgeries. Due to the surgery Goalie was really the only position I could play and I quickly found my calling. My love of lacrosse was reignited at CU and I continued to play competitively after college even winning a Vail Championship along the way.  I credit my re-discovering of lacrosse to be the one thing that helped me get better from a long road of injuries and depression.  Lacrosse made me want to get up and get out, it made me want to connect with my teammates and it really saved my life from a serious bout of depression I experienced after surgery.  

     I started with Israel Lacrosse in 2012 at the ripe old age of 38 and played on the European Championship team and in 2013 I accepted the role of player/coach for Israel's club box team 'Goldstar Tel Aviv'.  After reliving the glory days, I accepted the assistant coaching position of the Israeli Indoor National team in 2015 alongside NLL legends Jason Crosbie and Brad Macarthur.  Coaching the Israeli Indoor team was a dream come true and we finished 4th in the world after losing to USA in the bronze medal game.  In the last 6 years I have been to Israel many times to coach and introduce new players to Israeli Culture.  It is the most rewarding thing I have accomplished in my lacrosse career.  It is amazing to think that a mediocre athlete and short Jewish white guy can accomplish so much in this sport that I love. There is nothing like teaching lacrosse internationally, watching players from different parts of the world pick up a stick for the first time and to watch them light up -- there is nothing better!


            I met Jonny Vegas in the Vegas tournament in 2012 right after I got back from Israel.  We instantly connected based on our religion and our love of Lacrosse.  it was not long before I was playing elite with Total Lacrosse in Hawaii and facing shooters like Rob Pannell, Jeremy Sieverts, Lyle, Miles, Jerome and Jeremy Thompson, Wes Berg, Marcus Holman etc... After 3 trips to Hawaii and a compound fracture to my thumb--I told Jonny it was time to hang it up...  He keeps asking me back and believe me I want to play but there comes a time in life when you move on--you might catch me out there still playing Super Masters but my days of elite lacrosse in Hawaii have passed me by.  I am very proud to be inducted in the Total Lacrosse Hall of Fame and very happy to have met Mr. Jonny Vegas.  Jonny you are great for our sport and I am very proud to have been a member of the original Total Lacrosse squad and who knows you may see me roaming the sidelines of the elite tournament in Hawaii one of these days!

       - David Dennenberg

     1st Inductee in the Inaugural Total Lacrosse Hall of Fame